Annoucning DragonFly BSD!

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Jul 17 09:53:48 PDT 2003

:> Hmm, typing this command a second time I nopw see extra info:
:> Registrant:
:>    Matthew Dillon
:>    41 Vicente Rd
:>    Berkeley, CA 94705
:>    US
:I've been to Matt's house before -- its real.  He does have a T-1 at
:-- David  (obrien at
:P.S. I offer my home address for anyone that wants to at my place.

    Yah.  There is truth in the registration address :-).  I guess that 
    means I really have got to go in and secure my WIFI system now.

    Speaking of which, that alpha box is just sitting there in my machine
    room like a boat anchor.  If you know someone that would like to have
    it it's available, no charge!


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