Problems with fxp0 on T30 with 5.1-RELEASE

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Jul 17 08:58:09 PDT 2003

In message: <20030717082918.GA21592 at>
            Tobias Roth <roth at> writes: this is caused by
: an irq conflict. the bug was introduced some time between 5.0 and
: 5.1.  i have no idea how to solve this, maybe someone else can help
: here. maybe the ibm ps2 tool offers some help.


: another workaround is to free an irq. for me, disabling the pcmcia
: stuff in the kernel config helped. others reported that disabling
: the serial port helped for them.


: this has to be fixed before 5.2, imho. it renders a default install
: on thinkpads useless. note that this does NOT happen on all thinkpad
: systems, i didn't figure out what makes up the difference.

sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed, but the details are so vague
as to make that impossible.  chances are very good that someone with a
clue (like me) will need a machine that fails to fix it.


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