Annoucning DragonFly BSD!

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at
Thu Jul 17 05:27:30 PDT 2003

No, everything seems real - at least Matt replies to e-mails
sent to him on this topic. There is also a live nntp server
up and running @, I saw Matt and Terry Lambert
discussing kernel things this morning there. I doubt that somebody
will be able to impersonate both Matt and Terry. :))


On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 02:05:38PM +0200, Julian Stacey wrote:
> Periodicaly someone masquerades as Matt Dilllon.  Those targeted
> by trolls need to work extra hard to establish credibility of
> poster's address, to avoid suspicion of "troll at work" (phone
> number maybe?).  Trolls of course need to work extra hard too, to
> also convince us. Maybe this time the poster is the real Matthew
> Dillon, but I doubt it.
> Matthew Dillon <dillon at> appeared to write:
> >                           Announcing DragonFly BSD!
> >                
> Doing a new kernel approach seems a plausible tech target,
> the merits I'd leave to others.
> >     and to completely rewrite the packaging and distribution system.
> Seems unliklely/over ambitious/ divisive to me, suspicion of Troll.
> - A new kernel - OK - maybe it'll cross fertilise others,
>   but couldn't it run with an exisiting /usr/src ?  Free Net or Open.
> - A new ports / package system - OK if the need is felt: even though
>   FreeBSD ports/ was so popular it got adoped & looked at by other
>   projects, that didn't stop it changing recently (file
>   reduction) But couldn't it run with exisiting BSDs, presumably
>   FreeBSD ?  The ports project is really a Sisyphus [sp? was Greek
>   anyway, not our Latin alphabet ] effort, a dubious idea to divide
>   the number of shoulders that load sits on.  There's already another
>   cross platform ports project anyway (Freshports?)
> - A new distribution mechanism (whatever) ? maybe - but again
>   if better, that technology should be adopted & merged into other BSDs.
> may be a just a troll erection, it's
> constructed so there's nothing real to see.  A troll site ?  No
> where to click & sample code inside browser, you'd have to cvsup &
> extract localy to check real code. No interest until others confirm real.
> If friends who localy know / work with / meet Matthew Dillon,
> announce on this list that it's really him, & that's what he's
> really doing & is to be taken seriously, then it'll perhaps be worth
> looking at, but then again, maybe the real Matt will return to his
> desk, & announce another troll attempt.
> The logo is useless (& a troll give away ?):
> - Business: Yesterday I delivered an HP Network
>   Scanjet 5, with NT removed & FreeBSD installed (
> )  I stuck a FreeBSD `tattoo' (from
>   WC?) on the chassis just after the `5' of the product name (they
>   stick fine on plastic, though text implies for human skin (not
>   tried that)).  IMO the Linux & BSD logos are both rather childish,
>   but clearly used for business as well as personal. but I wouldn't
>   stick the dragonflybsd slavering head on a rubbish bin.
> - Last night at the Munich BSD monthly gathering ( )
>   this month's convenor had brought
>   a Chuck daemon which stood verticaly as recognition symbol, after
>   shovin feet in a big (clean) ash tray. A Penguin can also be made to stand,
>   (low centre of gravity help) But what would one do with a slavering head ?
>   ... Other than Bin it !
> First 2 sentences of main page seem a possible Linux troll give away:
>   DragonFly is an operating system and environment designed to be
>   the logical continuation of the FreeBSD-4.x OS series. These
>   operating systems belong in the same class as Linux in that they
>   are based on UNIX ideals and APIs.
> "We"
>   There's a lot of mention of "We" on those few pages, & no list of who the
>   list of "We" includes as founders.  A fake site maybe ?
> There's too many BSD's already.  More complete BSDs aren't of
> personal or business benefit.  More kernels, tools, & experiments
> in ports/packaging etc could be useful though, but to be of most
> benefit such work should be fully integratable, & not further split
> the available BSD workforce.
> My guess is the original post was a fake masquerade, (what some call a
> troll), the web site is probably the same.  (Apologies to Matt if I'm
> wrong, but the real Matt hopefuly appreciates us being cautious :-)
> My Tel. +49.89.260233276 Timezone=GMT+01:00 (EG ID check :-)
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