NFS problem

Sławek Żak szak at
Thu Jul 17 04:33:02 PDT 2003

Peter Edwards <petere at> writes:

> Hi,
>> > All the files are 0-sized, dates are set back to the epoch and
>> > directories are seen as files. Exporting ufs2 filesystems works as
>> > expected.
> I've had problems like this exporting CDs via NFS to solaris.
> Sorry the details are murky, but if its the same problem, there's a 
> work-around.
> Check the dmesg output: does it complain about an "RRIP field" from the cd9660 
> code? From the source, I think it was
> "RRIP without PX field?"

Yep. Same thing here.

> The CDs in question were official Sun CDs with Solaris applications (which, of 
> course, doesn't mean their properly compliant to a standard, just that it's 
> likely others will run into the same problem)

Mine is Forte 7. It's from Sun too.

> If this is the issue, then mounting it with NFS v2 actually fixed the problem 
> for me: I assume the richer operations from v3 were tickling a problem not 
> noticed with v2.

Indeed. Works fine with version two. I don't know why it gets the file stats
wrong for CD9660 and ok for ufs2. It should be above the ISO9660 layer when nfsd
sees the files.


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