NFS problem

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Wed Jul 16 22:27:23 PDT 2003

S³awek ¯ak wrote:
> I guess there is something wrong with exporting iso9660 CD's over NFS. I've added
>   /cdrom -ro -mapall=root
> to /etc/exports, restarted mountd and after mounting the CD on Solaris 8. All the
> files are 0-sized, dates are set back to the epoch and directories are seen as
> files. Exporting ufs2 filesystems works as expected.
[ ... ]
> Any thoughts?

Yes.  Exporting FS's is not as simple as simply doing it.  The
API in FreeBSD needs changed somewhat to support this at a higher
layer.  Even so, the hacked ISO9660 code is actually OK for the
volume export.  The problem comes in that the consumer of the FS
is assumed to have the ability to translate certain attributes
when the struct direct and stat structures are externalized to
the NFS server code, which is a VFS client.

You are certain you don't see these same attributes on /cdrom
itself, form a shell when you cd to /cdrom?  If your answer is
"no", then it's definitely the externalization of the stat
structure and things like struct direct.  Note that the NFS
over-the-wire stat structure is *not* the same as the FFS
version which it exports to the stat(2) and fstat(2) system
calls.  Probably the thing to do is to look at the differences
in the code, and not assume that the VFS client is always the
system call layer.

-- Terry

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