Buildworld fails in 5.1

Bruce Evans bde at
Wed Jul 16 15:10:03 PDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Dan Nelson wrote:

> If you are using -j6, the real error could be many many lines above
> what you pasted.  It's most likely in usr.sbin somewhere, but probably
> not keyserv.  You'll have to capture the entire log and look at it to
> determine the first failure.

Try using make -P to unmix the output.  I don't know how well this
works in practice.  This flag seems to be quite broken -- it causes
the (standard) output to be spammed with messages like
"Remaking (sic) foo.o" and "Results of making foo.o" even when make
is requested to be quiet (make -s) and the results are null.

Using -P also has the side effect of accidentally avoiding the
longstanding bug of waiting for a select timeout for up to 100 msec
after each batch of jobs.


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