gcc-3.3 issues

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Wed Jul 16 13:09:29 PDT 2003

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 17:07, Alexander Kabaev wrote:
> s/gcc-3.3/ports/ issues and we are in agreement.
> Patches to fix broken ports are welcome. Kris is doing a fine job
> generating a list of what needs to be fixed with his cluster packabe
> building runs.

There was one report of kdelibs' configure failing because of "the weirdness 
of the new cc (3.3), that leads to errors instead of warnings with certain 
combinations of -W* and -pedantic options."

Is something like this expected, i.e., certain combinations of -W* and 
-pedantic to produce errors when they didn't before?

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