Buildworld fails in 5.1

Tillman tillman at
Wed Jul 16 10:56:49 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 01:47:38PM -0400, Matt Loschert wrote:
> My buildworlds have been failing ever since the gcc 3.3 upgrade.  I got
> the message that you got on one of the failures.  However, my last three
> builds have consistently failed at the following point:

Mine has as well, though I thought the issue was specific to sparc64
(I'm on an Ultra 5). I cvsup'ed up again this morning and am trying
again with -jX. It'll take a while to find out as this box takes a long
time to compile recent -CURRENT. I'm currently 5 hours into buildworld
and it's on contrib/ncurses.

> My make.conf is as follows:
> CFLAGS=         -O -pipe
> NOPROFILE=      true
> COPTFLAGS=      -O -pipe
> COMPAT3X=       yes
> COMPAT4X=       yes
> BOOTWAIT=       0

Same compile options as me, though I don't have COMPAT or BOOTWAIT.

> My 5.x test machine is an Athlon 750 with 256 MB of RAM, and 1 GB of swap.
> I am using a clean /usr/obj directory for each build.  I am using -j 6 for
> the buildworld.  Maybe that is the problems, I will try taking that out.

I'd be interested in seeing if that works for you - it'll be a few hours
before my run is finished so you'll know before I will ;-)


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