``Resource temporarily unavailable'' in vi

Julian Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Tue Jul 15 04:59:41 PDT 2003

Mark Murray wrote:
> Mikhail Teterin writes:
> > Every once in a while, a vi-session dies on me with:
> >
> >     input: Resource temporarily unavailable
> >
> > What does it mean, why does it happen, and how can I prevent it?
> >
> > Thanks a lot!
> >
> >     -mi
> >
> > P.S. Running recent -current.
> I'm seeing this on current. I use bash, and the machine is not
> loaded. The heaviest process is spamassassin. There isn't even X running
> on the box.

This caught my eye as I think I saw a simlar message on one of my boxes
        ( I run 4.5 4.7 4.8 & 5.1 here) for me it was a 10M ether
        coax connector I'd forgotten to rotate tight (it was just
        sitting on), causing amd problems to a crontab job, for you
        maybe your $HOME/.nexrc is on another machine with intermittent
        net failure.

Whatever the cause of your problem, How to trace: Too often on
FreeBSD lists one sees error messages treated as great mysteries,
but they're often not !  Perhaps we all forget at times but" "Use
The Source" !  The curse of Microsfoft "No Source Here" does not apply :-)

Use find & grep (I use my script: http://berklix.com/~jhs/bin/.csh/Grep )
        Grep "Resource temporarily unavailable"         )

contrib/isc-dhcp/common/errwarn.c:      return "Resource temporarily unavailable";
contrib/isc-dhcp/omapip/errwarn.c:      return "Resource temporarily unavailable";
contrib/sendmail/mail.local/mail.local.c:       case EAGAIN:          /* Resource temporarily unavailable */
contrib/sendmail/src/conf.c:    case EAGAIN:                  /* Resource temporarily unavailable */
lib/libc/gen/errlst.c:        "Resource temporarily unavailable",     /* 35 - EAGAIN */
lib/libc/sys/intro.2:.It Er 35 EAGAIN Em "Resource temporarily unavailable" .
share/examples/mdoc/example.3:Resource temporarily unavailable.
sys/i386/isa/pcvt/pcvt_sup.c: * will cause an EAGAIN (resource temporarily unavailable) to be returned.
sys/sys/errno.h:#define       EAGAIN          35              /* Resource temporarily unavailable */

Grep on your current; tweak each text occurence differently, EG add
a debug number, make world; then you can report &/or investigate
where error originates.

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