ed0 pccard device broken in current

Mattias Schlenker mattias at webweaver.de
Tue Jul 15 01:38:15 PDT 2003

Hello anybody,

I'm experiencing the same problems that Mark described here


with my edN-pccard on a kernel cvsupped on sunday. Shortly after mounting
my build directory via NFS I get

 ed: packets buffered, but transmitter idle.

and the interface hangs. The Kernel from 5.1-RELEASE (FreeBSD
uran.wg-net 5.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE #0: Thu Jun  5 02:55:42
GMT 2003) works fine.

Since the last change in if_ed-Code was about three months ago, I am also
suspecting a problem with pccardd code.

If I will still experience the problem next weekend, I will build several
kernels in order to find out exactly when ed stopped working. Since I am
one of those Java/Ruby/Python/SQL-guys, this is all I can do.


 Mattias Schlenker  / Tel 0851 9441369 oder 0160 7352988
 Freyunger Str. 42 / http://webweaver.de/ilw/
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