Belkin USB2serial F5U103

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Tue Jul 15 00:01:27 PDT 2003

Guenter Doerrhoefer wrote:
> According to the release note the Belkin F5U103 should be supported. I
> could not get it to operate, the device is recognized but cannot be
> configured. Anyone got the Belkin to cooperate with 5.2-current?
> We tried several other adapters (not mentioned in the release note) and
> found that they work without problems:
>         M-CAB USB-serial adapter cable and M-CAB USB2.0-serial adapter cable
> Hint for programming: The port UCOMn mounted by the USBA-driver must
> remain open after settings are made, otherwise the settings are lost
> when port is closed.

You should contact Belkin.  In the past, they have bent over
backward to be compatible with FreeBSD; they even revised their
firmware in their KVM switches to deal with FreeBSDs overly
anal keyboard probing code.  Some people on these lists don't
like their products, but IMO they've always been a friend to

-- Terry

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