Overdone rescue cleaning as part of buildworld?

Tim Kientzle kientzle at acm.org
Mon Jul 14 15:45:46 PDT 2003

Gordon Tetlow wrote:
> Attached is the patch. It basically makes CRUNCH_PROGS into a per
> directory item and then only does a make obj on the per program
> directory.

Hmmm....  I do have a philosophical quibble with your
approach:  My original intent for this Makefile was
that the top part was rescue-specific and the bottom
part would be sufficiently generic to be used in other
crunchgen-based projects.

Your patches embed a certain amount of /rescue-specific knowledge
into the generic portion of the Makefile. For example,
> +	cd $(.CURDIR)/../../${D}/${P} 
makes a prett strong assumption about the relative
locations of the crunchgen-using source directory
and its components.

The advantage of your approach is that you are
making the subdirectory handling very tight.
Essentially, you are listing exactly the
subdirectories to be handled, where my approach
is a bit sloppier.

The advantage of my approach is that it is less
tied to the particulars of "building /rescue as
part of the FreeBSD source code."

But, this is only a philosophical objection, and no
doubt others will see it differently.  As you seem
willing to be responsible for this code, you should do
it in a way that makes you comfortable.

In short, go for it.


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