Vim: Caught deadly signal BUS (after -current update with new gcc)

Thorsten Greiner thorsten.greiner at
Mon Jul 14 13:38:48 PDT 2003

> > You can work around this by unsetting SESSION_MANAGER in your 
> > environment. I have no idea what the root cause is...
> Where can I get rid of this variable ? I see no easy way.
> Currently I use gvim as default text editor within KDE
> environment ...
> In an xterm or such I could disable it, but how for KDE ??

As far as I understand it, this variable is set by the session management of the respective desktop (KDE in your case, GNOME in mine). Maybe you can workaround the problem by using a small shell script which unsets SESSION_MANAGER and than calls gvim?

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