PATCH - acpi 0619

Nate Lawson nate at
Sun Jul 13 14:50:15 PDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> OK. I installed the patches on my T30 and saw no clear regressions,
> although I'd like to do more testing. I did get many more errors at
> boot time, all early in the operation. messages attached.

These are due to lack of ECDT support which newer acpica dists now expect.
They are harmless.  I will be adding ECDT support soon.

> Also, after patching, I tried building world and it would not work due
> to undefined symbols in the boot/i386/libi386 build. I have put the
> errors into the attachment at the top.

Thanks, I'll make sure I take care of those.

> Observed problems: USB does not recover from suspend. Display
> back-light say on after suspend. (Neither of these is different from
> the CURRENT code.

The USB issue is a problem in general with the USB driver and is being
worked on.

> Another issue that I recently noted after a complaint that battery
> life was worse with FreeBSD than with Linux or Windows. I have noted
> that the CPU does not seem to slow even though the system claims that
> it is reduced to 50% in economy mode.
> Instead, the CPU always seems to run at 1.8 GHz if it was on AC at
> power-up and 1.2 GHz if the system was on battery at power-up. THIS IS
> EXACTLY THE SAME THING I SEE WITH APM! So it's not a regression, but
> somehow something is simply not right here. And it now appears that the
> problem is not specific to T30s or even IBMs as the other report was
> not an IBM, but a Compaq. I plan to do further testing of this to
> confirm some details.

Noted.  I haven't looked at our cpu stuff yet but will get to it
eventually.  The main things I was looking for with the import were


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