GDB - do we dare?

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at
Sun Jul 13 09:50:21 PDT 2003

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 05:57:34PM +0200, Mark Kettenis wrote:
>    > A1 If having support for amd64 is a major reason for doing a new
>    >    import of GDB, importing the upcoming GDB 6.0 would make more sense
>    >    to me.
>    No ia64 is the major reason :-)
> Hmm.  I think I just crashed pluto1 trying to get it to run the GDB
> testsuite on a not-yet-fully-functional GDB port.  Currently RSE is
> giving me some headaches.

Yeah, this is known (both the crashes and the headache :-) I was
working on that (the crashes), but now need to make ia64 functional
again. The gcc import left us dead in the water. Our crt1.c is

>    > A2 I'm volunteering to help out here.
>    Cool, thanks. Shall we just create a p4 branch and start hacking?
> Oh dear, do I need to learn another version control system?

Yes, preferrably. Using a p4 branch allows us to track the gdb 6
branch while we prepare for the import. It's a convenient place
for people to grab the WIP.

>    >    better on FreeBSD/i386 and FreeBSD/Alpha now.  Now that I've got it
>    >    working on FreeBSD/amd64, I'll give FreeBSD/ia64 a shot.
>    We probably need to talk then, because the ptrace interface needs
>    to be fleshed out and I planned to do that while porting gdb.
> Probably.  The current layout of `struct reg' and `struct fpreg' is a
> bit ... messy.

It is not. It is actually pretty neat. Incomplete maybe, but neat.

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