GCC 3.3.1, new warnings with <limits>

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sun Jul 13 06:22:10 PDT 2003

In message: <20030713000559.28c18be6.kabaev at mail.ru>
            Alexander Kabaev <kabaev at mail.ru> writes:
: Short of fixing offending files in FSF libstdc++ or turning warning
: suppression back on for standard C++ include files selectively, I have
: no suggestion.

In the past I know that FSF has accepted patches back, so maybe the
right thing to do is:

o figure out the fix(es) that we need.
o submit them to fsf
o if they accpet them, then we can import them on the vendor branch
  disable warnings in the system headers if not

The warnings are quite annoying, and we'll get a lot of grief from the
growing number of large c++ ports.  I'd be happy to come up with a


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