build error building cvs doc?

John Reynolds johnjen at
Sat Jul 12 22:15:32 PDT 2003

[ On Sunday, July 13, Barney Wolff wrote: ]
> Me too.  I'm about to try re-cvsupping, in case I caught some update
> in the middle.

Somebody else asked if I was doing a "make -jN" buildworld where N > 1 and I
was. So, I just now did a buildworld with one process and it finished just
fine. Strange.

The only other thing in the original logfile shows:

make: don't know how to make /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue//usr/src/sbin/dhclient/client/clparse.o. Stop
*** Error code 2
1 error
*** Error code 2
1 error
*** Error code 2

So, perhaps something related to the above is not "-jN safe".


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