make release of CURRENT on 4.7 box

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Sat Jul 12 11:47:14 PDT 2003

Terry Lambert wrote:
> Tim Kientzle wrote:
>>Andrey Elperin wrote:
>>> Tell me, please, is it a possible to "make release" of CURRENT on 4.7 box
>>> at present ?
>>> I see that make release stops with a such messages for a couple of days :
>>>===> include
>>>cd /usr/src/include; /usr/obj/usr/src/make.i386/make buildincludes; /usr/obj/usr/src/make.i386/make installincludes
>>>creating osreldate.h from
>>>*** Error code 2
>>So I'm not the only one who has been bitten by this.
>>Try the following patch.  Worked for me.
> Thank you!
> Does this damage CURRENT on CURRENT or anything like that? 

Don't know, haven't had a chance to try it.

To be honest, I was never able to understand how
the previous version was supposed to work, since
the script was run with a very
odd current directory.

Tim Kientzle

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