RELENG_5_1 doesnt build gifconfig

Steve Ames steve at
Sat Jul 12 09:25:41 PDT 2003

On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 06:16:48PM +0200, Karl M. Joch wrote:
> i have a 5.1 box running which is in production because the need of vmware3.
> wanted to setup some ipsec tunnels and miss gifconfig. it is still in 
> the source tree, but doesnt build with buildworld. cleaned out src and 
> obj and cvs a new src tree but still the same.

I believe that most of gifconfig was rolled into ifconfig. You can
use 'ifconfig gif0 create' to dynamically create gif devices. You
create tunnels using the 'tunnel' option to ifconfig:

    tunnel src_addr dest_addr
            (IP tunnel devices only.)  Configure the physical source and des-
            tination address for IP tunnel interfaces (gif(4)).  The argu-
            ments src_addr and dest_addr are interpreted as the outer
            source/destination for the encapsulating IPv4/IPv6 header.


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