GDB - do we dare?

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at
Fri Jul 11 15:50:03 PDT 2003


With the gcc(1) dust not even settled yet, I like to get some feedback
on gdb(1). AFAICT, this is the deal:

o  Both ia64 and amd64 need gdb(1) support before they can become a
   tier 1 platform. I think this implies upgrading to 5.3 the least.
o  We still have the Alpha gdb -k bug moved over from the 5.1 todo
   list to the 5.2 todo list. I think this is "just" a bug fix.
o  With libkse and libthr in the tree, we probably want to keep close
   to the latest gdb(1) development to benefit from the threading
   work that's likely to be done and also make sure we add whatever we
   need to support our threading models.
o  The new gcc(1) also adds support for TLS, which, if time is with
   us may be supported by both libkse and libthr before R5.2 and may
   need some gdb(1) support as well. I don't know, but if it does,
   we probably want to add that to gdb 5.3 or later.
o  gdb(1) has created a 6.x branch, so it's likely that a new release
   is in the pipeline (within 6 months?). Upgrading to 5.3 may make
   a future upgrade easier due to smaller diffs and refreshed know-how.

I'd say: upgrade gdb(1) and add support for ia64 and amd64, as well
as make sure we fix any known showstopper bugs we know of.

Q1 How does that sound in general?
Q2 Do we have people with sufficient background and motivation who
   want to volunteer to make this happen?

Since the answer to Q2 is likely no or indetermined, I would like
to emphasize that I do not expect this to be a one-man show. We
really need to treat this as a project.


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