NVidia driver stability?

Mike Porter mupi at mknet.org
Fri Jul 11 14:10:23 PDT 2003

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On Thursday 10 July 2003 07:19 pm, Bruce Cran wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 04:41:40PM -0700, Evan Dower wrote:
> > The new nvidia-driver was unstable for me as well. So much so that I
> > deinstalled it so I could get some actual work done.

> I've found the nvidia driver to be very stable, using a new -CURRENT
> build and the NVidia agp driver.
> > >
> > >
> > >After the cvsup, rebuild process, the nvidia driver seems to
> > >work, except for the problems mentioned above.
> > >
> > >Brian

Since we seem to be trying to doucment sucess/failure with the nvidia 

it works fine for me, the only problem I am having appears to be related to 
one of my hard drives (the system keeps retryiung, eventually locking up, 
leaving the machine off long enough for the HDD to cool down a bit invariably 
works to allow me to boot, simply power cycling or 'reboot'ing doesn't).

FWIW, I am running a Geforce2MX 200 on 4.8-R.  Relevant bits excerpted below 
for future reference:

FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE #0: Wed Apr  9 16:59:58 MDT 2003
    root at x1-6-00-04-5a-44-c9-a2.comcast.net:/usr/src/sys/compile/MUKAPPA
Timecounter "i8254"  frequency 1193182 Hz
CPU: Intel Celeron (701.59-MHz 686-class CPU)
  Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Id = 0x686  Stepping = 6

nvidia0: <GeForce2 MX 100/200> mem 0xd8000000-0xdfffffff,0xd6000000-0xd6ffffff 
irq 11 at device 0.0 on pci1


ON the old nvidia driver, I couldn't use GL without crashing, now, it works 
fine.  Granted I haven't done anything like repeatedly running glxinfo or 
anything (is there a need/desire for this?)  Overall, the speed results are 
quite noticeable, my system is now capable of full screen video playback, 
(provided the video I am playing back was encoded at sufficient 
resolution--which isn't the fault of the driver!).  In glxgears, on the old 
drivers, I was getting less than 200fps, on the new driver, I get +-395fps 
using the OS's GART driver, and +-400fps using Nvidia's.  Not a huge 
difference, but it does appear consistent.  the GL screensavers I never tried 
under the old drivers, since it didn't really seem to like GL, but under the 
newer drivers, I am getting between 20 and 30 fps, which is for full screen, 
depending, of course, on what else my system is trying to do in the 


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