Kernel built with new GCC panics immediately

Kevin Oberman oberman at
Fri Jul 11 12:35:16 PDT 2003

> Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 14:32:44 -0400
> From: Alexander Kabaev <ak03 at>
> Sender: owner-freebsd-current at
> May be I am paranoid, but could you people please make sure you have
> removed /usr/src/sys/i386/compile/<YOUR_KERNCONF> before rebuilding a
> new kernel with GCC 3.3?
> Also, if simply removing stale file is not a culpit, I will appreciate
> if you can test the patch below:

I have cleaned out everything with no improvement. I have applied the
patches and no improvement. My system still is seen as a 286 followed
by a panic.

Are we sure that this problem is the result of the new compiler? There
were some other changes made last night that might really be the cause
of this, although I have not done any real checking, yet. If Alexander
is building with the new compiler with a few of these patches missing,
that might explain why he never sees the problem.

Or, worst of all, maybe an interaction of the new compiler and another
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