NVidia driver stability?

Brian Kincaid bmk at geek.com
Thu Jul 10 15:45:42 PDT 2003


Yes, I can replicate the behavior you describe upon running glxinfo
repeatedly. I have not yet had any trouble with xvinfo. I have
also seen a couple of crashes (not repeatable) after running
some of the xscreensaver-demo examples and/or some of the GL
apps for xscreensaver directly.

I am running a freshly built 4.8-STABLE system, plus a GeForce3
Ti 200 PCI card and a rebuilt version of the nvidia-driver port.
Before I rebuilt the entire system and kernel the nvidia-port
driver caused the system to page fault immediately upon starting

I reverted to the standard nv driver for a while, then read a
couple of messages on one of the freebsd mailing lists about
the necessity of rebuilding everything due to a change in proc.h.

After the cvsup, rebuild process, the nvidia driver seems to
work, except for the problems mentioned above.


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