SMP and setrunnable()- scheduler 4bsd

Julian Elischer julian at
Thu Jul 10 12:56:32 PDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, John Baldwin wrote:

> > 307.504u 93.581s 4:23.22 152.3% 3047+5913k 29+1055io 8pf+0w
> > 
> > What is so stunning is the massive increase in user time 
> > for the case where the cpu is not being idled.
> > I'm hoping this is a statistical artifact of some sort..
> I don't think it is, but you'd need more samples to be truly confident.
> One possible reason: having the CPU's not halt means that idle CPU's
> bang on the runq state continuously.  Perhaps this can penalize the
> non-idle CPU's due to cache interactions both when the non-idle CPU's
> are manipulating the queues and also by making the cache lines holding
> the queue state always be resident and not allowing their effective use
> by the real code executing on other CPUs.

possibly the  cpu continuously testing
sched_runnable() is interfering with such things as 
the clock ticks that want to account user time.

By making them a lot slower (schedlock/giant)? the
user time is being 'extended'.

I think I see more *Giant in 'top' when the cpu is not halted then when
it is. 

> > I'll do some tests.
> Yes.  As it stands now, adding the IPI would just make things more
> complex for no gain.  However, if this IPI is present, then we can
> engage in perhaps more drastic measures like really putting a CPU
> to sleep (perhaps disabling interrupts to it?) until it is needed
> which might bring significant power and heat savings to idle SMP
> machines.

check the patch at

it's trivial.

BTW in cpu_idle()

#ifdef SMP
        if (mp_grab_cpu_hlt())

whta gain is there in this returning.. it will anyhow if there is work
to do, and sched_runnable is called either way..

couldn't it just be 

#ifdef SMP


> > It seems however that having the halt on idle turned on is the 
> > right thing these days. (which is the current default)
> > but the odd user times are a worry.
> I'm sure Terry is all torn up by that conclusion. :-P


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