The upcoming GCC 3.3+ upgrade

Munehiro Matsuda haro at
Wed Jul 9 18:02:25 PDT 2003

From: Alexander Kabaev <ak03 at>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 17:09:56 -0400
::Hello everyone,
::Since GCC 3.2.x branch is closed in FSF repository and no further
::releases are planned off the 3.2 branch, it was decided that switching
::to a more recent and actively maintained GCC 3.3+ is necessary. The
::system compiler upgrade is in 5.2 TODO list.
::GCC 3.3+ will be a system compiler throughout RELENG_5 lifetime.
::Unfortunately, importing a newer GCC means that we'll have yet another
::ABI breakage on our hands. GCC 3.3 is more strict in C++ area and
::consequently some of the code that used to be OK with 3.2 will no
::longer compile. All C++ and C programs using old varargs.h interface
::will have to be changed to use stdarg.h instead. GCC 3.3 issues a lot
::more warnings and that will affect programs which were previously
::WARNS-free. I will commit fixes for most of the warnings in src tree
::when a new compiler will be imported. Exceptions are some contributed
::sources and the kernel. Warnings in contributed programs should be fixed
::in upstream sources and kernel warnings will need attention of people
::who know each respective kernel part better than me. I plan to disable
::-Werror for kernel for now. Once offending warnings are fixed, -Werror
::will be switched back on.


Thanks for doing the hard work.

While you go fixing things for gcc3.3, can you also fix sys/endian.h
which is broken even with g++3.2? See following URL for more info:

This is one of the things that are getting in way for JDK1.3.1,
with source from FreeBSD Java Repository, to be compile on

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