wierd dsl performance with -CURRENT

Kenneth Culver culverk at yumyumyum.org
Wed Jul 9 09:31:10 PDT 2003

	Recently, for some wierd reason, with FreeBSD-CURRENT my DSL
downloads have gotten about 10-15 KB/sec slower than they used to be.. I
used to get 160KB/sec downloads, and now can only manage about 145. I was
wondering if there are any ideas what is causing this. I'm sure it's a
FreeBSD problem because when I boot up windows or hook my mac straight to
the dsl modem, each of those gets the full 160KB/sec download (from the
same site, ftp2.freebsd.org) but when I download from FreeBSD, the speed
drops. I'm not sure if this happens in -STABLE, but it started happening
sometime within the last month or 1.5 months. I tried checking out a cvs
repository, then checking out FreeBSD-CURRENT from as early as 5/28/03
(uname -a shows 5.1-BETA), and I still see the problem. I'm going to try
checking out one from mid-May and see if the problem still exists, but I
was wondering if there is some kernel option or something similar that
could be causing my problem.



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