systematic panic on an SMP machine for 5.1-Release

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Wed Jul 9 01:48:40 PDT 2003

Steve Kargl wrote:
> > PS : is this an indication of bug in the p-III or in the chipset ?
> > (ISTR these options could be used to get around unnamed errata of the p-IV)
> You'll need to search the mailing list archive for vague ramblings
> by Terry Lambert about these option, large memory machines,
> and bugs in the Intel CPUi architecture.

Let me say *unequivocally* that *all* Intel and AMD CPUs that
support PSE have this problem.  The only thing memory size and
specific CPU type have to do with it is in how hard it is to
trigger the bug accidently.

> I was hoping to avoid
> Yet Another Terry Email (YATE) on the subject, which simply
> tells us how clever he is without giving any details.

NDA like Bosko and a half dozen others have, and I will send you
the 6K file which describes the problem in great detail.

-- Terry

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