nfs installs of 5.1

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Mon Jul 7 21:49:32 PDT 2003

Le Monday 07 July 2003 23:53, M. L. Dodson a écrit :
> That certainly makes sense.  I might gently suggest to RE, etc
> that they might want to reconsider the decision to put nfs on the
> extra drivers floppy (I assume that is where it is).  This really
> trips up newbies (and some of us not so newbies).  I ran across
> this trying to help someone install 5.0 for the first time.  He
> had a bunch of machines to install (no cdroms), so I suggested
> nfs and was completely surprised when it did not work.  I
> verified that he was not doing something obviously wrong before I
> posted.  He was very confused because he consulted essentially
> all the FreeBSD books that had anything to say on the subject and
> could not see what he was doing wrong (nor did I).
> This does not present a good first impression for the project.
> The nfs install, being documented in all the books, is much more
> important than individual ethernet drivers.  If nfs cannot be put
> in the install kernel, then the nfs option should be removed from
> sysinstall.  All this IMO, of course.
> Bud Dodson


I would not be as harsh as your comment : FreeBSD 5.x is still the 
experimental branch and the NFS install of 4.8 is painless.

5.1 is mainly for the early adopters, and these should expect having quite a 
bit of debugging, especially in "exotic" setups (this should be expected for 
a "user-supported" OS - and I do not want to go back to even RedTrap Linux).

It seems the Internet bubble crash has had a very bad impact on the "human 
resources" available for the project, and it shows (the introduction of new 
features is perhaps slower ?).

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