ports/www/mod_php4 vs ports/lang/php-cli

Aaron Wohl freebsd at soith.com
Mon Jul 7 17:17:59 PDT 2003

The two different ports of php4 seem to be conspireing to keep my users
from having the PEAR php libraries.

- ports/www/mod_php4 sets --disable-cli, disabling the command line
interface implicitly disable PEAR which my users need
- ports/devel/pear - wont install because it needs the command line
version of php
- ports/lang/php-cli - wont install because of a conflict with

Is there anyone who has built mod_php4 in the last couple of days that
has gotten all of the these working at the same time:
-the cli command line version (it used to come from mod_php4 I think?)
-pear library

If so how?

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