nfs installs of 5.1

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Mon Jul 7 13:32:49 PDT 2003

Le Monday 07 July 2003 22:02, M. L. Dodson a écrit :
> Background:
> I posted this on questions, but got no response.  Since this used
> to work, I thought it might be a 5.x issue.

indeed, see later

> $subject seems broken for me for 5.1 miniinst.iso
> Export /cdrom from; exports line:
> /cdrom -maproot=0 -alldirs -network 10.2 -mask
> Nfs server setup, on 4.8-STABLE, is well tested and known to
> work.
> When prompted for nfs info during install, give,
> netmask (same subnet as target machine) -> configure
> install target network (ip -> get error:
> Error mounting on /dist: no such file or directory
> On ttyv4 find error messages (hand copied):
> mount_nfs: can't update /var/db/mountdtab for
> mount_nfs: Operation not supported by device
> On ttyv4 I can cd to /dist

this may be due to kernel being unable to dynamically load nfs_client.ko

I saw this when building a jumpstart server for 5.1 (PXE automatic install 
from another 5.1 server).

I went around by stopping the boot loader in the boot phase, loading manually 
the nfs module, then proceeding with the install.


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