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I'm not sure, whether this mailing list is the correct place for
linux-centered discussions. Perhaps you want to continue via private mail?


On Mon, 7 Jul 2003, Dan Nelson wrote:

DN>In the last episode (Jul 07), Matthias Andree said:
DN>> Marcin Dalecki schrieb am 2003-07-07:
DN>> > Matthias Andree wrote:
DN>> > >Update your Linux top or run fewer processes on it then. :->
DN>> >
DN>> > You know that file system name lookup is one of the most expensive
DN>> > system calls under UNIX?
DN>> So what? If you don't like the interface because it does ever so
DN>> expensive file system lookups (I wonder what's so expensive if no
DN>> disk drive latencies are involved), suggest a better one and donate
DN>> an implementation.
DN>> I'm sure I'd find disadvantages of non-Linux top if I only cared to
DN>> look. I don't. It works when I need it, it's not in my way otherwise,
DN>> that's as much as I care.
DN>There is already a functional non-procfs implementation that has been
DN>around long before procps top: groupsys top 3.5b12 (i.e. the top that
DN>all other non-Linux systems use) compiles fine on even the newest Linux
DN>kernels with the attached patch.  It's one of the first things I build
DN>on a new Linux box.  Procps top is way too slow; it takes a full 5
DN>seconds just for the first screen refresh on a mostly-idle box with 400
DN>processes.  groupsys top is basically instantaneous.  And don't think
DN>about accidentally hitting a cursor or function key which running
DN>procps top; it doesn't even use curses, so it beeps and waits 2 seconds
DN>for each character in the escape sequence :)

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