Marcin Dalecki mdcki at gmx.net
Sun Jul 6 16:57:48 PDT 2003

Myron J. Mayfield wrote:
> I attempted to install the linux java sapgui on FreeBSD 5.0, but the jar
> file only unpacked part of it.  I then copied the files from my Redhat 9
> machine.  I linked up all the linux libraries needed and attempted to
> start it.  It gives me an error saying cant find /dev/shm.  I tried
> adding this to /dev but was unable to.  Does anyone have any
> information?  Thank you.  I am somewhat new to FreeBSD but have used
> linux for Many years.

For some unexcused reason there is the trend in Linux to represent
everything as kind of a wired half finished pseudo file system. /proc pipe
devicefs sysctl and so on... The list is really long. Even shared memmory is
mapped to  ehrm.... a filesystem. This is "expected" to be mounted at /dev/shm 
by the system. You can't expect FreeBSD to follow this path...

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