[current] hostap+wi

Jon Disnard diz at linuxpowered.com
Sat Jul 5 17:22:20 PDT 2003

Ruslan Ermilov wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 04:48:09PM -0400, David Gilbert wrote:
> [...]
>>The hostap machine is 4.8-STABLE and the client is 5.1-RELEASE.
> One nice thing about the hostap is that bridge(4) works with wi(4)
> that is in hostap mode.  Does anybody know if only Intersil cards
> have the hostap mode, or some Prism's also do?

Well yeah. Considering Intersil makes the Prism brand of 802.11 chips.

I'm not aware of any other chips that allow for this groovy hostap mode 
unless the formerly unsupported atheros chips do. I figure the idea is 
not unique, and the feature seems logical for vendors to build their 
AP's based on common hardware.


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