Panic in scheduler code with SCHED_ULE during boot to multi-user.

Khairil Yusof kaeru at
Sat Jul 5 00:36:10 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 16:55, Jeff Roberson wrote:
> Excellent debugging.  Can you tell me whats in kseq_cpu[0] and
> kseq_cpu[1]?  I think I may know what the problem is.  Do you have some
> negative niced processes or some positive nice processes?

Just tried the fix, and tried out ULE with KSE (universal map). In
single user mode, it works great (build world -j8) but it has
performance problems  once I get into multiuser mode where there are
background processes.

Basically everything just slows down and becomes jerky, and some idle
processes are pegging idle cycles on one CPU. It is still jerky even
when I kill them and load drops (ie. 0.1% user).

Can you tell me what info you need, for me to help find out what is
causing background processes to have such an adverse affect on
performance with KSE?

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