who am i

Mike Jakubik mikej at trigger.net
Fri Jul 4 06:50:18 PDT 2003

I don't think this is a problem with su. The same occurs when running login
in a shell, then logging out. I've seen this bug in FreeBSD since early 4.x,
I guess I just never bothered to mention it, thinking someone would notice
and fix it. It has certainly scared me a few times, it would be nice if it
was corrected.


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On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 12:46:10AM +0200, Richard Arends wrote:
> Hello,
> Please take a look at this:
> =================================================================
> [snowlap] ~$ who am i
> richard          ttyp5    Jul  4 00:34 (:0.0)
> [snowlap] ~$ su -
> Password:
> Last login: Fri Jul  4 00:31:17 on ttyp5
> snowlap# who am i
> root             ttyp5    Jul  4 00:34
> snowlap# exit
> logout
> [snowlap] ~$ who am i
> root             ttyp5    Jul  4 00:34
> =================================================================
> Of course the latest 'who am i' should return 'richard' and not(!) 'root'
> Regards,
> Richard.

I am seeing the same things, and I reported similar stuff in another
mail to this list.  Someone suggested that this was a utmp(5) problem
and might be a problem with the su(1) program.

Morten Rodal

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