Does newreno work as designed ?

Jeffrey Hsu hsu at
Fri Jul 4 06:49:58 PDT 2003

  > I'm sitting on a ISDN line right now, and I thought the newreno issues
  > had been solved, but by disabling newreno I get a distinctly better
  > web-surfing experience.

NewReno is a sender-side only algorithm and web-surfing is mostly a
receiver-side experience. If you gather some quantitative numbers
on bulk transfers or a packet trace, I'd be happy to look at them for you.

  > Is newreno working as designed right now

Yes, it should work much better than before. There is one outstanding
bug that I now of, which was reported by Lu GuoHan.  A patch for it is
in circulation.  You can find it at
and see if it affects your web-surfing experience.

  > and if not, who is fixing it ?

Unfortunately, it appears only a few people care about work on
TCP congestion control, even though it affects a lot more users
and is several factors more important for performance than, say, SMP.

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