libkse crash and sched ule?

Daniel Eischen eischen at
Thu Jul 3 14:31:06 PDT 2003

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Morten Rodal wrote:

> I updated to the latest sources early today (CEST time) and install
> rtld-elf with libmap support in order to give KSE another try.
> However upon starting the Mozilla Firebird executable with very simple
> /etc/libmap.conf:
> the computer starts to dump core in the background (I haven't got a
> serial cable right here) and then reboots.  Apart from stripping all
> the devices I haven't got from GENERIC kernel I have added SCHED_ULE.
> Is there a know problem with using SCHED_ULE and KSE?

What happens with SCHED_4BSD?

Dan Eischen

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