Corroupted CVS File (fwd)

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Thu Jul 3 09:11:24 PDT 2003

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Cy Schubert  <Cy.Schubert at> wrote:

> It appears I may not be going insane after all.

I never suspected you of insanity. :-)

> The file is received OK from cvsup7 and from cvsup10. When I check
> out (using cvs co) from my local repo or rsync the repo to another
> machine on my network here at home, the file is corrupted. Looks
> like I've found some kind of issue with -CURRENT. I'm running
> 5.1-REL.

Next time you find a corrupted RCS file, save it somewhere.  Take a
look at it in an editor and see if you can spot what's going on.  The
typical kinds of corruption I've seen over the years when people have
reported these things to me have been:

    - Single-bit errors in the RCS file.  These are always caused by
      HW problems, and they always go away if ECC RAM is installed.

    - Either a region of zeroes or a portion of an unrelated file
      splatted somewhere into the middle of the corrupted RCS file.
      This kind of corruption is always page-aligned or filesystem
      block aligned.  It is probably caused by kernel software bugs.
      I used to see a lot of these back around FreeBSD-3.x, but I
      haven't heard of any for a long time now.

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