Support for XFS in FreeBSD?

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Wed Jul 2 09:39:00 PDT 2003

On Wed, 02 Jul 2003 09:23:26 -0700
Terry Lambert <tlambert2 at> wrote:

> Eivind Hestnes wrote:
> > Is XFS ported to FreeBSD? If not, what's the status?
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> --
> It is not ported.
> Some people have tried to start a porting project in the past,
> but that project has so far failed to produce anything, even a
> simple port of the "newfs" program.
Well, that is a bit unfair. We haven't _released_ anything, but mkfs.xfs
port was something we did first, along with the rest of xfsprogs suite.
The XFS module was compiling and linking and even was able to mount XFS
filesystem all the way with initial (clean) journal check, root inode
retrieval, etc. Unfortunately the lack of available time resulted in
this project slipping through cracks. There seems to be a new interest
in getting it off the ground though.

> Note: SCO is suing people who have touched Linux code with code
> from commercial OS's derived from System V.  SGI's IRIX, from
> which XFS comes, is derived from System V, so there is some legal
> risk involved to anyone doing a port: SCO may sue you, too.  I
> don't know if this effects the projects previous statements.

True, this is a danger. There was a certain amount of similarity in
XFS sources between FreeBSD kernel internals and Irix interfaces which
arguably can be traced to common Unix roots of both systems. SCO might
consider XFS theirs some day :)

Alexander Kabaev

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