features of ICH5/ICH5-R supported in -current or 5.1-RELEASE?

Soeren Schmidt sos at spider.deepcore.dk
Wed Jul 2 01:07:50 PDT 2003

It seems John Reynolds wrote:
> Hi all, I'm wondering if some of the features of the ICH5 found in the 
> springdale and canterwood platforms (i865/i875) are currently supported 
> in either 5.1-RELEASE or -CURRENT?
> I've read through some of the ATA code commits and see a few comments 
> related to ICH5 and I believe I spotted where the plain ATA controller 
> is recognized (and in theory fully supported as this shouldn't have 
> changed from ICH4). But I still have questions about the following:
>    1) S-ATA: Is the S-ATA controller in ICH5 supported and if not, are 
> there plans to support it? If not, is the problem documentation or 
> hardware to test with?

I have committed code to support the SATA part of the ICH5, but so far
noone has been able to test it and get back to me with results..

>    2) RAID: The ICH5-R supports RAID0 (and I guess RAID1 as well). Will 
> this be a supported platform for RAID?

If possible yes, either I need docs on how the RAID config are laid
out on disk, or someone needs to reverseengineer how its done, then
support for that format is easily added to ata-raid.c..


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