ipf and ipnat

Matt Douhan matt at hasta.se
Tue Jul 1 14:33:50 PDT 2003


I am running ipf and ipnat on CURRENT as of today 4 PM CEST (july 1 2003)
and I have enabled the following in my kernel
options IPFILTER
options RANDOM_IP_ID

in /etc/rc.conf I have enabled ipf and ipnat according to the handbook

when I put this box on the network, all outbound NAT works fine, i,e the MAP
statements in /etc/ipnat.rules however the BIMAP statements does not work, a
host identified in the BIMAP statement cannot pass through the fw, outbound
and cannot be reached inbound from the internet.

if I do ipnat -l I can see the MAP and BIMAP statements in the table

and ipf is not blocking the packets according to the logs

running the exact same config on a STABLE box works fine

Have I missed something obvious?

Matt Douhan

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