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Fri Aug 21 11:57:22 UTC 2020

I caught my squirrel rustling through my gym bag. Getting up at dawn is for the birds. Today I heard something new and unmemorable. The external scars tell only part of the story. He would only survive if he kept the fire going and he could hear thunder in the distance. Someone I know recently combined Maple Syrup & buttered Popcorn thinking it would taste like caramel popcorn. It didnt and they dont recommend anyone else do it either. The virus had powers none of us knew existed. Grape jelly was leaking out the hole in the roof. He told us a very exciting adventure story. She lived on Monkey Jungle Road and that seemed to explain all of her strangeness. I liked their first two albums but changed my mind after that charity gig. Swim at your own risk was taken as a challenge for the group of Kansas City college students. He spiked his hair green to support his iguana. He poured rocks in the dungeon of his mind. Chocolate covered crickets were his favorite snack.  The fish dreamed 
 of escaping the fishbowl and into the toilet where he saw his friend go. She borrowed the book from him many years ago and hasn't yet returned it.  She did a happy dance because all of the socks from the dryer matched. Your girlfriend bought your favorite cookie crisp cereal but forgot to get milk. He turned in the research paper on Friday; otherwise, he would have not passed the class.  Never underestimate the willingness of the greedy to throw you under the bus. Carol drank the blood as if she were a vampire. She can live her life however she wants as long as she listens to what I have to say. Every manager should be able to recite at least ten nursery rhymes backward.  Potato wedges probably are not best for relationships. She only paints with bold colors; she does not like pastels.


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