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I grew up in a war; I'm not dying in a pandemic.Margaret Alcock sheltered from bombs during the Blitz, crossed an ocean to live in Australia, and was evacuated to safety during last season's bushfires.The 89-year-old - who is my nanna - used stoicism and black humour to cope during those times. It's the same now with Covid-19.""I do sometimes wonder how on Earth I've ended up here with coronavirus around me," she tells me over the phone from New South Wales (NSW)."But I've seen worse things happen, and I don't worry about it."When the coronavirus reached Australia in January, my family assumed that my grandparents - both of whom live in aged care homes - were in the safest place possible.Five months on, the sector has seen scores of outbreaks and 156 of Australia's 247 virus deaths. This includes 12 of the 15 announced on Wednesday - Australia's deadliest day yet.In a deepening crisis, some providers have been accused of failing to protect s
 ociety's most vulnerable members. State and federal governments are also facing questions.



GX Smartwatch, bluetooth Total Control

Elegance and precision with GX Smartwatch

GX Smartwatch
<> is the smart watch that combines an elegant design with the most advanced Bluetooth technology. This new smart watch brings new more powerful functionalities. The most important ones come in their components.


Includes a high-density battery with low-consumption lithium-ion. Latest generation Bluetooth, and in addition to that it has small dimensions that make it more elegant. Continue Reading...

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