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Latest Drive drive at
Wed Apr 16 11:41:52 UTC 2014


   Hello !
   Introducing the new GOOGLE DRIVE APP !! This is the Latest version of
   google driver to help you create, manage, keep and share your

   Please click on the link below to download the latest google driver


   Note: Please note that this driver helps you manage/merge all your
   contacts as well as emails in one place. And you may be required to
   enter your username and password to help ensure your google driver is
   being downloaded by you and not someone else.

   Please be informed, that this service is NOT limited to google
   subscribers only, it's for all email users. On event that this email
   hits your junk folder, please. move it to your inbox by clicking the
   ''not spam'' button in your junk folder, as this will enable you click
   the link included in this email. Alternatively, you may include
   apps at in your email contacts to ensure you get all future
   communications from google in your inbox folder
   Thank you for your time.

   Google email services

   To see all of the services available to you, such as: google translate,
   e-books, google wallet, shopping, google blogger, google finance and
   many more, please visit
   To reply to this Alert, please send us a secure message from


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