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Thu Apr 28 01:37:00 UTC 2011


Actually I'm in the same situation as you Erik, looking for something
clustered for freebsd..
Maybe the solution is [1]Open HA project, but it is really a painful to see
lots of options in this regards for Linux and not for Free..
As Lucke has mentioned, maybe it is missing some cluster hackers help in
order to get cool stuffs running..

I'm not an expert but I guess the idea of getting a hook may work. would it
be painful to implement something like that ?




2010/3/2 Erik Scholtz, ArgonSoft GmbH <escholtz at>

> Doug,
> have you ever tried to put a NFS-volume into the working-path of an
> apache-server? I did, and I could messure a significant performance-loss of
> the webserver by 1sec per page-load.
> The NFS was mounted on a 1GBit dedicated connection between the webserver
> and the nfs-server; I tried several TCP-options and MTU-Settings without any
> important change on the performance-loss.
> Compared to a dedicated mounted ISCSI-Volume this 1sec loss is a lot! I
> think NFS is great for changing big amounts of data. But for short
> read/write-access NFS does not seem to be the first choice.
> Greetings,
> Erik
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> Doug Poland wrote:
>> On Mon, March 1, 2010 12:11, Leinier Cruz Salfran wrote:
>>> On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 6:09 AM, Erik Scholtz, ArgonSoft GmbH
>>> <escholtz at> wrote:
>>>  I did some research the last two weeks on how to build a cluster
>>>> filesystem on FreeBSD.
>>>> My solution at the moment is, to rsync all filesystems once a
>>>> minute, which is rather to rare. So I tried to get a hook with
>>>> KQueue to rsync the filesystems on data-change. Unfortunatly I could
>>>> not find a working solution (had a try with IO::KQueue using perl).
>>>>  i use rsync to make partial data backup .. ie: /etc, /usr/local/etc,
>>> /usr/home, /var/logs ...
>>>  How do you guys solve this problem (of a shared filesystem with
>>>> rw-option)?
>>>> Any hints are welcome, since I'm getting very frustrated at the
>>>> moment.
>>>>  there is a project named 'hast'[1] for a clustered filesystem .. it's
>>> being developed by pawel .. the project has some completed milestones,
>>> so you can get it from fbsd src svn tree .. hast can do clustered
>>> filesystem right now but it's not complete, so there is no stable yet
>>> other way is gmirror[2] + ggated .. with that you can get a raid1 over
>>> net solution .. but i think it's not prepared to be used as
>>> master-master soluction
>>>  Neither hast nor gmirror+ggatd are cluster filesystems, in that only
>> one "side" of the storage is available for writes at a point in time.
>> Filesystems like OCFS2 and GFS allow multiple, simultaneous read-write
>> access to block devices.
>> Given there is not true cluster filesystem available for FreeBSD at
>> this time, I wonder aloud why so many people are so quick to dismiss
>> NFS?  NFS provides "most" of features of a cluster filesystem today.
>> If one were to choose NFS for shared storage, one could use tools
>> available today to make NFS highly available (hast, gmirror+ggated).
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