saving job state over a power outage

Joey Mingrone joey at
Wed May 5 16:49:42 UTC 2010


Our lab has a cluster (Sun Fire X40z master node, Opteron 270 and
generic 2.0 GHz Opteron based compute nodes) running 8.0-RELEASE.
We've been informed that the power has to be turned off for the
weekend, but one of the lab members has been running some jobs since
December.  I don't know much about the jobs, i.e., if they can be
restarted without losing all the computing work that's been done so

Can anyone suggest a way to save the state of the jobs so they can
continue when the power comes back on?  From experience, ACPI seems
flaky if it will work at all because of problems with BIOS
implementations.  Also, iirc ACPI has issues with SMP kernels.  Is
there something similar to software suspend found in Linux?  Does
anyone have any other suggestions to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,

Joey Mingrone

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