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Wed Aug 6 18:15:29 UTC 2008

Roger Olofsson a écrit :
> Michael Christie skrev:
>> Hi all ,
>> I want to cluster some freeBSD servers, The purpose of this is to 
>> learn.  I would like to  run some basic services like www and mail on 
>> a test network. I would like to set up the servers so if one server 
>> falls over the other will take over the services automatically, load 
>> balanceing would be good as well. I have googled, I could be looking 
>> in the wrong place , there seems not to be much in regard to seting up 
>> freebsd in a cluster, lots on linux. I have looked at the High 
>> Availability Linux project , I see on the front page that it will run 
>> on freebsd.
>> So I am a bit lost and i am wanting to learn how to cluster freebsd 
>> web and mail servers, I have looked at  Beowulf clusters, which seem 
>> to give computers more grunt, Can some on on the list please advise me 
>> on what clustering softwhere i need to get started and if the High 
>> Availability Linux project softwhere will do the job.
>> web links any thing to help me get started would be good. No I do not 
>> want to change over to linux.
>> Thanks
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> Hello,
> I have been running freevrrpd and pen (http://siag.nu/pen/ or in ports) 
> for HA web services.
> My setup was a firewall/gateway consisting of more than 1 machine using 
> freevrrpd thus enabling failover for the firewall/gateway. I write 
> firewall and not firewalls since freevrrpd creates a virtual ip that is 
> failover'ed between the machines.
> On the firewall/gateway pen were running and pointed towards the web 
> servers. Pen can point at as many web servers as you like and balances 
> the load between them in a very simple way. If the web servers are 
> identical in setup they become redundant. DNS loadbalancing is very 
> similar.
> Good luck!
> /Roger

I don't have any experience yet with it but I'm planning on using CARP 
with PF to do redondant gateways. You can do round-robin RDR with PF to 
distribute the load. You can even put the same server IP more than one 
time in the list to forward more traffic to this server! I tested it but 
I didn't tried CARP yet.

I read I couple of articles on CARP with BSD, I'm a little bit surprised 
  that nobody made reference to it yet. Now it's done ;)


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