Vrrp/CARP/UCarp Problems

Ross Draper ross at virtualgeek.net
Tue Mar 27 20:47:31 UTC 2007

Hi guys

I was wondering if I could get some advice from those of you who have
successfully implemented ip address failover systems such as carp and

I am trying to set up a high availability web loadbalancer using a pair of
freebsd 6.2 boxes. I have tried a number of ways to perform failover but
always seem to be hitting a problem.

UCARP - Pro's:This would be my ideal solution as the startup/shutdown
scripts enable me to stop and start my applications and add aliases to
adaptors easily.
Cons: When the backup box is rebooted it always comes up advertising
itself as the master then after a few seconds revers to backup, although I
was under the impression it was supposed to wait and listen for
advertisements(it doesnt seem to). Its initial gratuitous arp as a master
is sufficient to poison any traffic from the local router to the shared ip
address. Only solution was to use arp-sk to send gratuitous arps every few
secs, however, arp-sk was a bit flakey and it was a bodge.

CARP - Pro's: stable and built into the kernel. Could enable acive/active
arp load sharing at a later point.
Cons: There is a Freebsd bug (I've seen it discussed on the lists where
the creation and destroyal of a carp interface causes a kernel panic.
Also, there is no support for start/stop scripts.

Freevrrpd - Pros: Mac address changing removes some of the arp timeout
issues/gratuitus arp problems and it supports start/stop scripts
Cons: I'm finding that upon rebooting the backup unit it correctly starts
as a backup, then three seconds later syslogs that it is the master and
changes its mac address accordingly. although a sniff of the network
traffic indicates it is sending the right advertisements, it never goes
into backup mode again.

So, what am I doing wrong? are these the experiences others have had or
are there more suitable options?  the loadbalancers are all single homed
and I have tried a mixture of xl, bge and fxp cards.

Also, any links to a perl based gratuitous arp utils would be great

Any help/suggestions much appreciated.


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