gmirror problem/question

Anton Nikiforov anton at
Mon Jul 24 16:48:10 UTC 2006

Dear All
I'm trying to implement gmirror file system for my cluster.
Does someone using geom/gmirror solutions for that? any comments?

I'm confused with the algorithm of moving gmirrored volume from one 
server to another. And how to add failed provider to a volume.
I'm trying to stop the volume, then start ggatec on another server (all 
volumes are always exported with ggated on both servers), then I'm 
recreating mirror with gmirror label......
Sometimes when I'm adding/moving the volume I'm getting /dev/da1s1h 
device busy error, sometimes ggatec dies, sometimes I'm getting "device 
not connected" message. Looks like some kind of voodoo for me.
The only way i can bring all volumes up - is to reboot both servers.

Does someone solve this? Any suggestions? Please.

OS is 6.1-RELEASE-p2. HW is Intel JR2 sever with hot swap scsi discs 
under mpt driver. Servers are cross linked via em1 (gigabit Ethernet).

Best regards,
Anton Nikiforov

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