New To Clustering Where Do I start

Eric Anderson anderson at
Mon Oct 10 05:15:51 PDT 2005

Wole Akpose wrote:
> Hello ,
> I am new to clustering but I have a project that requires some intelligent
> clustering.
> Two (or more) machines will access the same SATA raid appliance. Machines
> will serve as load balancing servers, but each reading and writing from/to
> same block on storage.
> Where do I start with my configuration changes and or research?
> Machines are running same operating System, FreeBSD5.4, primary application
> is streaming server.
> Also I have another project, this time machine will run courier mta.

Currently, FreeBSD does not offer any solution for direct shared block 
devices for write access, since there is no shared/clustered filesystem 
in FreeBSD.  You could use NFS, which would probably work ok for you, or 
have both hosts reading from the same disks, but writing to the same 
shared array (via fibre channel for instance) won't work currently.


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